Artist’s statement
My job as an artist is to show how the body becomes a hybrid space where materiality of flesh is connected with an individual consciousness and identity. It is driven by the desire to change ourselves to escape social pressure, but also by the desire to find our true shape and genuine content.

In my works I focus on the tension between what is considered normal and subjective in relation to the human body: I look into how we model ourselves in the world of clichéd attractiveness, which pushes us to polish our own image just as people polish billions of images on the Internet. I am interested in exploration of the boundaries behind which the body becomes an object like any other.

There is a conflict between natural traits of our appearance and artificial standards. In my works personal and individual inevitably face standardized and imposed.

I usually work with synthetic materials, despite the fact my main theme is physicality, but to me it is a mean to stress the point that body transformation is a kind of self design which has become a modern form of religion.
Maria Agureeva was born in 1985. Graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (Department of Graphic Design, 2003 - 2009), ICA ( Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow) (2014-2015). The artist works with installations, objects, videos, performances, sculpture. She is a participant of IX international film festival Andrey Tarkovsky "The Mirror", Ivanovo (2015)and a nominee of Kandinsky Prize (2013).

The St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (Department of Graphic Design, 2003 — 2009)
ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow) (2014-2015)

Awards and Residences

2019 Ruinart Art Patronat grant
2018 18th street arts centre Los Angeles (from August to September)
2018 Winner of the Laguna Art Prize (special prize)
2017 Residence Unlimited New York (from February to April)
2013 Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize

Personal exhibitions
It will always be not enough, Isabelle Lesmeister gallery, Regensburg

The dust of Pearl will settle down on soft skin covering all the cracks, Atrium gallery, 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles

It's possible to imagine what will remain after, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint-Petesburg

Dust, Electrozavod gallery, Moscow

Binary promises, Parallel program of the 6-th Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Pechersky Gallery, Moscow

Gardens of compromises, Museum Erarta, Saint-Petersburg

Those Females Who Can Wreck the Infinite, Parallel program of the 5-th Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Pechersky Gallery, Moscow

Citius, altius, fortius! Commodification, Project Fabrika together with GridchinHall, Moscow

Excavations. Ground 0, GridchinHall, Moscow

Formotsvet (Form and Color) series, GridchinHall, Moscow

Formotsvet (Form and Color) series, Kadieff Gallery, Helsinki

Formotsvet (Form and Color) series, AL Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

The Mirror, International film festival Andrey Tarkovsky, Ivanovo

Forma, Contemporary art festival, Moscow

Can, Contemporary art festival, Krasnodar

Selective group exhibitions
Just cause, Black Ball Projects, New York

Unofficial laguage, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Parallel program of the V Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Moscow

All eyes on me, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Moscow

Nominibus Trivialibus, Sinonimis Selectis, Moscow State University's Botanic Garden (the "Apothecary Garden"), Parallel program of the V Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Moscow

Mirrors, MMOMA, Moscow

One within the other. Art of new and old media in the age of high-speed internet, MMOMA, Moscow

Developing of freedom, Project Fabrika, Moscow

I would have not been painting now, Parallel program of the 5-th Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Agency Art.Ru, Moscow

State order, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Moscow

Project Cena (Price), Parallel program of the III Moscow International Biennale For Young Art, Agency Art.Ru, Moscow

Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London

Contemporary art festival Psikhonavtika, Saint-Petersburg

Resume, All Gallery, Saint-Petersburg

Denis Paley, Silent-mag, March, 2017

Zlata Adachevskaya, Eight clicks, Dialogue of Arts, January, 2016

Sergey Babkin, Interview, Wonderzine, February, 2016

Olga Abramova, To Olympus in lace lingerie, Art Terrytoty, August, 2015

Anna Komissarova, The Tired of coquetry, Around art, August, 2015

Ksenia Belolutskaya , Interview, The forest magazine, June, 2015

Alexandra Rudyk, Interview, Interview, November, 2013